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"LEHIGH VALLEY HEALTH NETWORK”                                           LOCATION SCOUT/MANAGER
 Namesake Content
 Commercial   March - April, 2019

"BOSE - SLEEPBUDS”                                           LOCATION SCOUT/MANAGER
 Saint Cloud
 Commercial   August - September, 2018

"BMW - UNEXPLAINABLE"                                             LOCATION SCOUT/MANAGER
 Commercial   July - August, 2018

"“NATURE VALLEY”                                                         LOCATION SCOUT/MANAGER
 Foul Weather Films
 Commercial   November - December, 2017

"“BLACK OPS 4”                                                              LOCATION SCOUT
 Activision / Treyarch
 Video Game   September, 2017

 Sanctuary Content
 Commercial   July - August, 2017

"“BITCHIN RIDES  PROMO”                                            LOCATION SCOUT/MANAGER
 Velocity Channel
 Commercial   August, 2016

"“KATY PERRY - RISE”                                                      LOCATION SCOUT
 Music Video   July, 2016

“KIDZ BOP 31”                                                                    LOCATION SCOUT/MANAGER
 Maze Productions
 Commercial   Oct - Nov, 2015

 20TH Century Fox
 Feature Film   March - May, 2015

"“APPLE 5K iMac”                                                              LOCATION SCOUT/MANAGER
 The Director's Bureau
 Commercial   April - May, 2014

"“PROJECT JUPITER”                                                       LOCATION SCOUT/MANAGER
 Industrial   Feb - Mar, 2014

"“TOMMY HILFIGER”                                                           LOCATION SCOUT
 North Six
 Commercial   Feb, 2014


From July 2004 to Present - Owner of LocoMats Inc.

From February 2000 to August 2002, I was Location Managing for

Bonneville Communications shooting P.S.A. / Commercials for multiple Clients


LDS Church (16 spots)

Toy Industry Foundation (5 spots)

The Foundation for a Better Life (8 spots)

Hospice Foundation of America ( 1 Emmy nominated spot)

Also Commercial Photo Shoots for...


Sundance Catalog

Vox Vodka


Ben Cellular

Wilson Audio


U S Olympic Committee


Talbots Catalog

Ladies Home Journal


My Resume:

“CHEVY SILVERADO”                                                     LOCATION SCOUT
 Chevy / Plum Productions
 Commercial   July, 2003

“PLAINSONG”                                                                  LOCATION MANAGER
Hallmark Hall of Fame Entertainment / CBS
M.O.W.   January, 2003 - June, 2003

“LEGALLY BLONDE 2”                                                    LOCATION MANAGER (UTAH)
Metro Goldwyn Mayer
Feature Film   November, 2002 - January, 2003

“+HP”                                                                                 LOCATION MANAGER
 Hewlett Packard / Radical Media
 Commercial   October, 2002

“JEEP”                                                                               LOCATION SCOUT
 Jeep / Flying Tiger Films
 Commercial   September, 2002

“DAIHATSU”                                                                       LOCATION SCOUT
 Daihatsu / Downtown Reel
 Commercial   August, 2002

“OLYMPIC HOT TUB”                                                        LOCATION MANAGER
 Delta Airlines / Chelsea Pictures
 Commercial   January, 2002

“LEAD & SNOWBALLS”                                                    LOCATION MANAGER
 Dodge / Luminary Films
 Commercial   December, 2001

“283 HOPEFULS - 80 MEDALS”                                       LOCATION MANAGER
 Home Depot / Gartner
 Commercial   November - December, 2001

“SPRINT PCS”                                                                   LOCATION MANAGER
 Sprint PCS / Bob Industries
 Commercial   October – November, 2001


“SHOT IN THE HEART”                                                      LOCATION MANAGER
 HBO Films Inc. / Levinson/Fontana Company
 Cable Movie   February – March, 2001


“BARBER FOODS”                                                             LOCATION MANAGER
 Barber Foods / Emerald Films
 Commercial   November, 2000

“PITTSBURG POST GAZETTE”                                          LOCATION MANAGER
 Pittsburg Post Gazette / Emerald Films
 Commercial   October, 2000


“FOCUS”                                                                               LOCATION MANAGER
 Ford / Strato Films
 Commercial   September, 2000

“DESERT STORM”                                                              LOCATION MANAGER
 Cadillac / Nydrle
 Commercial   July, 2000

“PIONEER SEEDS”                                                           LOCATION SCOUT
 Pioneer Hi-Bred International / I.T.C.
 Commercial   June, 2000

 20TH Century Fox T.V./ CBS Television
 Mini-Series November – February, 2000

“THE HUNTRESS”                                                              LOCATION MANAGER
 Offline Entertainment/ USA Network
 M.O.W.  September – November, 1999

“JOHNNY TSUNAMI”                                                          LOCATION MANAGER
 Film Roman/ Disney Channel
 M.O.W.  January – March, 1999

“DRIVE ME CRAZY”                                                           LOCATION MANAGER
 Grand March Productions/ 20th Century Fox
 Feature FilmAugust – November, 1998

“CHILL FACTOR”                                                                LOCATION SCOUT
 Morgan Creek Productions/ Warner Bros.
 Feature FilmJuly – August, 1998

“BEYOND THE PRAIRIE”                                                    LOCATION MANAGER
 Nicki Film Productions/ CBS Television
 M.O.W.  February – April, 1998

“THE PERFECT GETAWAY”                                               LOCATION MANAGER
 Quality One Productions/ ABC Television
 M.O.W.  November – December, 1997

“STRAY DOG”                                                                     LOCATION MANAGER
 Lynch Entertainment/ Nickelodeon Channel
 Series Pilot  October – November, 1997

“TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL”                                               LOCATION MANAGER
 Caroline Film Productions/ CBS Television
 Episode #408 “Sandcastles”  September, 1997

“DEAD BY MIDNIGHT”                                                       LOCATION MANAGER
 Dan Blatt Productions/ ABC Television
 M.O.W.  August – September, 1997

“LEGION OF FIRE - KILLER ANTS!”                                LOCATION MANAGER
 Tales of Midnite, Inc./ FOX Television
 M.O.W. May - July, 1997

"IN MY SISTER'S SHADOW"                                            LOCATION MANAGER
 Erica Film Productions/ CBS Television
 M.O.W. February - March, 1997

"NOT IN THIS TOWN"                                                       LOCATION MANAGER
 Chelsey Avenue, Inc./ USA Network
 M.O.W. September - November, 1996      

"IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE"                                              LOCATION SCOUT
 12700 Productions/ ABC Television
 M.O.W. September - October, 1995

"IT WAS HIM OR US"                                                         LOCATION SCOUT
 Warner Brothers Television/ CBS Television
M.O.W. August, 1995

"EXTREME"                                                                        ASST. LOCATION MANAGER
 Extreme Productions/ Universal Television
 ABC Television Series November - February, 1995

"IN THE SHADOW OF EVIL"                                              LOCATION SCOUT
 Caroline Productions/ CBS Television
 M.O.W. November, 1994

"MORTAL FEAR"                                                                 ASST. LOCATION MANAGER
 Western Video Productions/ NBC Television
 M.O.W. July - September, 1994

"THE MAN WITH THREE WIVES"                                       LOCATION MANAGER
 Lauren Film Productions/ CBS Television
 M.O.W. November - January, 1993

"THE SANDLOT"                                                                  LOCATION MANAGER
 Island World Productions/ 20th Century Fox
 Feature Film - March - September,1992                        

"DOUBLE JEOPARDY"                                                        ASST. LOCATION MANAGER
 Lauren Film Productions/ CBS Television/ Showtime
 M.O.W. March - April, 1992

"AMERICAN EXPRESS"                                                       LOCATION MANAGER
 Limelight Productions
 Commercial - March, 1992

"THE BOYS OF TWILIGHT"                                                 ASST. LOCATION MANAGER
 Blindmans Bluff Productions/ New World Television
 CBS Television Series August - November, 1991

"BOWTIE"                                                                              LOCATION MANAGER
 Chevrolet / Ian Leech & Associates
 Commercial - June - July, 1991

"HOLLYWOOD DETECTIVE"                                               LOCATION MANAGER
 Denise Jordan Productions/ Ventura Entertainment Group
 Arts & Entertainment Network Series - February - March, 1991

"HOLLYWOOD DETECTIVE"                                               ASST. LOCATION MANAGER
 Denise Jordan Productions/ Ventura Entertainment Group
 Arts & Entertainment Network Series - October - December, 1990